Our expertise

We know how important confidence in the assessment process is for Awarding Bodies, for the candidates taking part and for the public who place their faith in the accreditation of others.

The highest standards of compliance and security

We believe that this confidence in the assessment process can only be provided through the highest standards of compliance and security in the way testing is delivered.

Test owners trust Reed Assessment’s expertise. We pride ourselves on applying the latest in accessibility solutions, quality customer experience and security and compliance monitoring.

We can do this through a variety of different assessments and standards – whether on or offline, high-stakes exams or basic credentials.

Our expertise extends across:

  • Accessibility

    Our Test Centre network reaches rural and hard-to-reach communities across the UK and our proprietary software Rogo offers flexible, configurable online assessment.

  • Customer experience

    We have successfully incorporated our customer care excellence into high-volume, high-stakes test-taker journeys to improve people’s test experience.

  • Security

    The integrity and validity of our clients’ qualifications is paramount. We have market-leading technology and processes to detect, intercept and prevent fraud and other security risks before they compromise the test.

  • Compliance

    We ensure every test is delivered in a consistent, standardised way, and risks are pre-empted. Our UK data centres provide unbroken, high latency connectivity with on-site security and maintenance operations.

  • Scale

    We are experienced at delivering large-scale assessment programmes – 4.4m tests are provided each year.

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