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Our offer has supported Awarding Bodies to deliver their assessment programmes with security, compliance and inclusion. Every day our Test Centres process thousands of candidates through their assessments.

The result? Millions of processed candidates and satisfied test owners.

Delivering in five key areas for DVSA

The Driver Theory Test offered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) was first delivered in 1996 in order to test learner drivers’ knowledge. The test went digital in 2000. DVSA is now the UK’s single largest owner of high-stakes assessments through its provision of theory tests for HGVs, cars and motorcycles.

Following DVSA’s most recent re-examination of its operating practices, it sought to identify ways to improve test delivery, meet increasing demand and mitigate risk.

As a result, when DVSA was seeking new test partners, Reed Assessment responded with a secure, compliant and accessible solution.

Over the past year, DVSA and Reed Assessment’s collaboration has delivered in five key areas:

  • Scale

    The DVSA needed a system capable of delivering over 2 million tests per year. This meant adding test days, sessions and seats in order to increase capacity within the first year of delivery. This capacity, which we deployed from a standing start, is now one of Europe's largest directly-managed secure Test Centre networks.

    We were able to support the Government with the national shortage of vocational drivers by creating additional test-taking capacity to help more drivers qualify quickly.

  • Accessibility

    The DVSA theory test caters for learner drivers across the United Kingdom with a commitment to provide access to a test within 40 minutes of their home if they live in an urban area or 40 miles for those living in rural areas. Reed Assessment’s delivery covers remote areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland, where geographical accessibility presented a particular logistical challenge. We have introduced 47 additional pop-up test centres to enhance rural availability. This includes in hard-to-reach locations, such as Mid Yell and Symbister on the Shetland Islands.

    Over 36,000 individual provisions have also been made for candidates with accessibility needs. These included making available Oral Language Modification (OLM), readers and recorders, Testing in Isolation, signers and lip speakers (BSL).

  • Candidate experience

    Reed Assessment has prioritised the experience of the candidates it serves, developing a service-first culture in our Test Centres. Through staff training and a comprehensive review of the candidate journey we have achieved an average 96% customer satisfaction rate across our Test Centre network.

  • Security

    The integrity of computer-based testing is critical to protect the validity of the Driving Licence. Fraud and other risks can challenge their legitimate delivery. Within the last year, Reed Assessment has worked in collaboration with DVSA and crime agencies, using technology and expertise to pre-empt this. This supports DVSA’s ongoing work to detect and intercept theory test fraud.

  • Compliance

    As a Government agency, DVSA was seeking assurance and evidence of quality across all regulatory standards. The challenge here was to ensure that wherever the test is delivered, the quality must be standardised and consistent. From urban to remote areas, young or old, we work to ensure that every driver receives the same fair treatment and secure, accurate assessment.

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